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Artwork by Lambert | Mira In The Woods
Artwork by Lambert Oostrum | Swing Battle
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Artwork by Lambert Oostrum | Mira Chameleon
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Artwork by Lambert Oostrum | Tied By Covid19

New Artwork Collection - 2021 

Studio Lambert Oostrum 2021's artwork collection features charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and digital art prints.

His abstract body of work seamlessly captures the essence of life while discovering and creating new perspectives.

Upcoming Artwork Auction:

Each month artist Lambert Oostrum offers a number of his abstract paintings to a different art auction.


The art auction for September will be hosted at:  


If you unable to participate in an online art auction, you can purchase Lambert's abstract artwork through Studio Lambert Oostrum's online art shop.

Coming Soon

Studio Lambert Oostrum will be releasing a video channel dedicated to artist Lambert Oostrum's art pieces, the creation process behind his conceptual paintings, and his personal life in the Netherlands. And much more that comes up. New video starts 25 juli at 10.00 hour

Original Abstract Artwork by
Lambert Oostrum  

The Netherlands based artist offers original abstract art pieces, oil paintings, drawings, and digital prints. All available to purchase online. 

Shipping is available to Belgium. Germany, England, France and most European countries.

For gallery and collector requests, please contact the studio directly.

New Photo Artwork Collection-2021

This series of 5 works was created as a result of a photoshoot with the model Asimira. They are edited photos. It goes from down to up to spider to jump and finally to silence.