Artist Statement.

I paint and draw what excites me. The new works in the portfolio are 
personal experiences. Giving an example i like to be inspired by the landscape in all its facets.
My paintings often begin with a picture or an idea. I see an image and want to rediscover and re-create. I look for ways to make this happen. The choice
of the materials, the kind of carrier, and the way in which I put the paint on the canvas plays an important role. It is like a journey. I use what I discover and I react on what happens on the canvas.

Lambert Oostrum

man, born 01-04-1955 in Schiedam, the Netherlands

worked and lived until 2007 as an artist in Rotterdam in the Netherlands

works and lives since 2008 in Almelo in the Netherlands



1982-1986, Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag, the Netherlands

department: painting, drawing, design, degree 1986





Winner Alfons Blomme Award


Workshop European Ceramic Workcentre,'s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands


Winner jury price Herman Krikhaar award

Nominated for the HermanKrikhaar award

Nominated for Art Overijssel


What you see is what you see.

Frank Stella

© 2020 by Atelier Lambert Oostrum

Marke Elsen 9 7603 GE Almelo

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